A new generation of concise textbooks for a new generation of smart learners.


A new approach to learning

Higher education is changing. New knowledge accumulates in ever shorter cycles. Digitization is becoming ubiquitous. And long, exhaustive textbooks are becoming outdated.

Getting a quick overview of the main principles of a subject first, and then adding up-to-date knowledge – that´s the approach of smart learners.

Our concise and practical textbooks enable smart learners to quickly understand the “big picture”  and build a solid foundation for developing their management and leadership skills.


Who we are

econcise is an internationally active publisher of concise, approachable and affordable management and leadership textbooks and e-books.

We are passionate about providing learning materials that help people to become better managers and leaders.

We combine long-standing expertise in both book publishing and teaching at university level with the spirit of an independent publisher and a passion for creating the best possible learning experience for smart learners.


What we care about

We have a passion for creating learning materials
that help people become better managers and leaders.

We focus on what´s really important –
in our learning materials as well as in our work.

We care for quality –
whatever we do, we really do it well.

Where others see problems,
we find and provide solutions.


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