Rethinking Textbooks

For decades, textbooks carried a lot of weight, both in a literal and a metaphorical sense. They formed the content backbone of higher education, with the promise of covering a complete subject from cover to cover.

But as the world is rapidly changing, higher education needs to change too. The knowledge base in most academic fields is constantly changing and a new generation of learners is no longer used to (or patient enough) to work with long texts. That is why more and more students justifiably ask: “Why are so many textbooks so long and so boring?” Other people even think that the Internet has made the traditional textbook obsolete.

At econcise publishing, we still believe in the power of books as a great tool to convey knowledge. But we do think that it is time to completely rethink the traditional college textbook. Does it really have to be long, boring, pricy and already outdated when published?

A new generation of concise textbooks

Our answer is clear: We need a new breed of higher education textbooks – designed with the needs of 21st century learners in mind: textbooks that are brief, easy to understand, practice-oriented, easy to use in offline and online learing environments, and affordable for everyone, textbooks that help students to make the most of their prescious learning time.

econcise publishing was founded to make such innovative textbooks available to smart learners and lecturers in the field of business, management, and leadership. Join the textbook revolution – and let students feel the joy of learning again!