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Coaching International Teams

Coaching international teams? Want to offer really useful solutions that make a difference to productivity and collaboration?  Learn strategies that help you leverage the diversity of international teams. Know how to be more inclusive by avoiding common linguistic mistakes. Improve your intercultural awareness and see productivity and collaboration improve as a result.


Cultural Sensitivity Training

Develop your intercultural sensitivity—and confidently manage personal and business relations in an intercultural environment! With this book, you will learn why we all act ‘automatically’ in interactions with people from other groups and cultures, and how you can counteract these automatisms. The many exercises will guide you through recognizing your own cultural background, and identifying similarities and differences between cultures, to learning how to effectively interact in an intercultural environment.

Develop Your Leadership Superpowers: 50 Key Skills You Need to Succeed as a Leader

Boost your confidence, inspire others, become a better leader! Whether you are new to a leadership role or want to take your existing leadership competencies to a higher level—here’s the most practical guide for you. This book provides a fast track to learning the 50 key leadership skills that will really make a difference for your success as a leader.

Developing Coaching Skills: A Concise Introduction

Learn how to coach effectively—and help others unlock their potential! Do you plan to become a professional coach? Do you want to enhance your coaching skills to become a better coach or leader? Or do you just want to know more about how coaching works to help improve the lives of others? With this concise coaching textbook, you will quickly learn the main principles and tools of executive coaching and life coaching.

Solve It! The Mindset and Tools of Smart Problem Solvers

Apply the strategies and tools of smart problem solving—and succeed in work and life! What do Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Sherlock Holmes, and Mahatma Gandhiʼs six-year old granddaughter have in common? They are all masters of the art of smart problem solving—a highly sought-after skill that you can learn, too!



The Concise Leadership Textbook

Learn key leadership skills, grow as a leader, and guide and inspire others! With this concise leadership textbook, you will learn about the main principles and practices of effective leadership in contemporary organizations and society, and develop your own leadership abilities. Learn what it takes to succeed in a leadership role, how to confidently lead a team, and how to effectively collaborate and solve problems with others to reach a common goal.


The Sales Skills Book: A Concise Introduction to the Art of Selling

Learn how to sell effectively, win more deals, and hit your revenue targets!

Do you want to excel in sales and close more deals? Or are you just curious to learn more about how the best sales professionals and entrepreneurs master the art of selling and build lasting relationships to earn more? Whether you’ve just started selling or you want to take your sales skills to the next level, this concise sales skills training book offers a fast and affordable way to learn and apply the key principles and tools of successful sales professionals. It’s your ticket to skyrocketing your sales success!